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Monitoring An Auction

Receive Confirmation Emails

After placing your bid, you will receive one of the following confirmation emails informing you that your bid has been received.

  • High bid confirmation: If your bid is the highest, you will be notified of this fact.
  • Outbid confirmation: Another bidder placed a higher maximum bid so you were automatically outbid. If this happens and you want to bid again, return to the auction page and enter a higher amount.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, you may need to update your contact information. You can do this by clicking the "Sign In" icon on the top of any page, enter your login information to enter My shopgoodwill, then click on "Buyer/Contact Information". Please consider these emails as a courtesy only, as they may be blocked by email filtering software installed on your computer.

Receive Outbid Emails

As you wait for the auction to close, you will receive notifications via email if you have been outbid. If this happens, you need to increase your bid to win the auction. Please consider these emails as a courtesy only, as they may be blocked by email filtering software installed on your computer.

Using My shopgoodwill

Use your "My" area to keep track of all your auction activity. To enter "My", click on the "Sign In" icon on the top of any page then enter your buyer ID and password.

Using "My" you may do the following.

  • Open Orders: View the auctions you have won that are ready to be paid for. Click the "pay for this item" link to pay for an item.
  • Shipped Orders: Once your order has been shipped, it will be moved from "Open Orders" to "Shipped Orders". You may click on the tracking number to be linked to the shippers website, so you can obtain current tracking information.
  • Auctions in Progress: Monitor auctions you are bidding on. Once an auction closes, it will be removed from this list automatically.
  • Closed Auctions: View all auctions you have bid on.
  • Buyer/Contact Information: View and change your contact information including your home billing address and your email address.
  • Personal Shopper: Enter the title/description and price range for merchandise you are looking for. When items are listed that match your search criteria, you will receive an email informing you that such an item has been posted on the site.
  • Watchlist: If you're interested in an auction and want to return to it easily, add it to your "Watchlist" by clicking the "Add to Watchlist" link. A link to the auction will remain until you remove it from your "Watchlist".
  • Customer Service: If you need to contact a selling location to inquire about items, shipments, or refunds.
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