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Automatic (Proxy) Bidding

Automatic (proxy) bidding places bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. Simply enter your maximum bid (the highest amount you are willing to pay), click the "Review Bid" button, and then click on the “Finalize Bid” button.

The goal of automatic bidding is for you to win the auction at the lowest possible price. Your maximum bid is only placed when another bidder also bids up to that amount or when the reserve price equal to or greater than your maximum bid. Bids will increase based on the bid increment set for the auction. Therefore, the current bid will equal the former bid plus the bid increment.

Example 1: An item's current bid is $3.00, and the bid increment is $1.00. Jane chooses automatic bidding and enters a maximum bid of $6.00, so Jane becomes the high bidder and the current bid reads $4.00.

Example 2: An item's start price is $3.00. John chooses automatic bidding and enters a maximum bid of $7.00. John is the current high bidder at $3.00. Then Jane enters a maximum bid of $6.00. She is immediately outbid. The current bid is now $7.00 since John has a higher maximum bid.

Last Updated: 7/18/2017