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New Checkout Process (coming the week of 9/28/2020)

Please visit your “Open Orders” page to pay for items (Where are my Open Orders?)

To make payment:

Confirm Your Information:

On your Open Orders page:

*Click the “Pay” button beside an item

You will be prompted and asked if you would like to combine eligible items. All items eligible for combination will be displayed.  (Which items are eligible?)

*Click on the box next to each item you would like to combine and proceed

Once the items have been combined an order will be created and displayed.

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*Click the “Proceed to address >>” button

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Confirm that your Shipping and Billing address information is correct or click EDIT to make changes. Once your changes are complete click the “Save” button at the bottom of the form to continue.

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*Click the “Proceed to shipping >>” button

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Verify your preferred shipping method from the options available and proceed. (Note: Shipping methods may vary from seller to seller)

*Select your preferred shipping method *Click the “Proceed to payment >>” button

Select a Payment Method

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Enter payment information for your preferred and available payment method and proceed. (Note: Payment methods may vary from seller to seller)

If making payment through Stripe:

*Select the Stripe option

*Enter your payment information

*Click the “Review Order >>” button

Proceed to “Completing Your Order”

If making payment through PayPal:

*Select the PayPal option and then select either PayPal or PayPal Credit

Checkout FAQCheckout FAQ

A new window will appear, here you will be prompted to enter your payment information or PayPal credentials.

*Enter your payment information

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Once you have entered your information you will be automatically re-directed back to shopgoodwill to proceed with your order.

*Click the “Review Order >>” button

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Complete Your Order

Review your order details and make any additional changes needed before proceeding.

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*Click the box beside “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service”
*Click the “Complete order >>” button to confirm your order

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When the order is completed a payment confirmation screen will be displayed with seller and order information.

Thank you for shopping with shopgoodwill!

Last Updated: 9/24/2020