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Can items be picked up from the seller location to save on shipping costs?

Yes, most sellers allow items to be picked up from their location. Please check the item listing page carefully for pick up information and restrictions, and please contact the seller directly before bidding to confirm and make arrangements for pick up. Seller e-mail links can be found on every item description page on You must be logged into your shopgoodwill account to access the seller e-mail links.

To create a Pick Up order and obtain Pick Up hours and location information for an item, sign in to your �My shopgoodwill� page, go to the Open Orders section, click on the Pay for This Item link next to the item, select a payment method, and then select �Pick Item Up� as the shipping option for the item. This will create an order for the item without a shipping charge other than the handling fee set for the item by the seller, and this will also notify the seller that you will be picking the item up.

Last Updated: 8/7/2020